About Us

Trap Dat Cat is a 501c3 Nonprofit, all volunteer group that works together to help the community cats of New Orleans, Louisiana. While we have all worked as volunteers in different aspects of rescue and with different organizations for many years, we founded Trap Dat Cat, Inc. in April of 2020, when Covid-19 severely limited resources for community cats. As a group, we were able to streamline fundraising and partner with local shelters and veteranarians to provide low cost spay and neuter services and to secure medical care for cats in need. To limit overhead costs, we have no paid employees, no offices, work out of our homes, and all donate our time, money, and resources to continue the work we love. Through fundraising and the generosity of donors, we have been able to help numerous cats, trapping an average of about 50 cats a week.

Who's Who...
Nita Hemeter: Trapping Coordinator / Secretary / Trapper
Theresa Bridges: Social Media Manager / Fundraising / Treasurer / Trapper
Ashley MacPhaille: Foster Coordinator / Adoptions / Trapper
Cameron Glavin: Kitten Care Specialist / Foster
Mimi Brent: Neonatal Foster / Trapper
Kristy Bensko: Trapper
Carole Kiehl: Trapper
Kathi King: Trapper
Carmen Couturier: Trapper / Foster
Rene Houseton: Trapper
Joyce and Dave Thomas: Trapper / Foster
Tara Caire: Trapper / Foster / Record Keeping
Lianna Patch: Marketing
Sara Hale: Cat Care Technician
Truman: TNR Support Cat
...and many other volunteers along the way trapping, fostering, transporting, and helping in numerous ways!