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Our go-to resource for kitten care is the KittenLady, Hannah Shaw. She has a variety of videos, webinars, testimonials, and recommendations for just about any topic on kitten care. We highly recommend you watch her free, 4-part webinar series on kitten care HERE. She also has a wonderful kitten care book, Tiny But Mighty, that can be purchased on her website. It is an excellent resource. Find more at
Kittens need to be weighed often. They can be wrapped in a blanket and weighed on a regular kitchen food scale. Be sure to zero the scale with the weight of the blanket and bowl beforehand. Weigh kittens over 1 pound in pounds and ounces. Weigh kittens under 1 pound in grams. Buy a digital scale on Amazon Smile...
Print a copy of our cat/kitten log to keep up with your foster's weight and medications.

Print a copy of the kitten instructions that will go home with your kitten's adopter. Please fill out your kitten's information. Please fill out one for each kitten.
Foster Supply List:


-Scale that weighs in pounds and ounces

-Purina One Healthy Kitten dry kitten food

-Fancy Feast canned chicken/beef pate

-Gerber meat baby food (a couple of jars of the turkey or chicken flavor)

-Pedialyte, plain non-flavored

-Temptations cat treats, Churu meat tube treats

-Kitty litter, kitty litter pan, kitty litter scooper

-Ceramic, glass, or metal bowls for food and water

-Blankets or cat beds


Recommended (we can loan these if needed):

-Transport carrier

-Heating pad or Snugglesafe Heating Disc

-Dawn dish washing detergent (original blue with duck on front)

-Baby wipes, non scented

-Small or medium sized housing crate/kennel or playpen

-Probiotics (Fortiflora, Benebac, Profivex, Proviable)

-Cardboard scratchers or scratching post

-Cat toys

-Cat brush

-Nail clippers

Feel free to browse through Kitten Lady's kitten supply list for links to many of the items listed above.

Socializing Feral Kittens
Here is a great video from Kitten Lady on socializing feral kittens. 
Are you fostering a feral momma cat and her kittens?
Watch this video for some awesome tips from Kitten Lady!
Or this one from Flatbush Cats!

Foster Program Info and Contract
If you are interested in becoming a foster parent for Trap Dat Cat, please submit an application to Please also read over our foster program information and our foster contract.

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