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Our TNR operations are based in Orleans Parish. Our trappers generally trap in the area they live in, and the veterinarian services we use are in Orleans Parish. Trapping outside our area can be difficult and time consuming due to longer driving times for trapping and transport of cats. It is also harder to coordinate with feeders and caretakers in other areas. On occasion, we will plan large trapping events in other locations when we have the full cooperation of the caretaker and available volunteers. 
Many parishes offer similar TNR services, and low-cost, if not free, spay/neuter services for their residents. You can find more about these programs through the links below. 
HOWEVER, if you live outside Orleans Parish and are having trouble finding TNR help or appointments for spay/neuter, we would be happy to loan you a trap and teach you how to use it. If you can trap the cats yourself and are willing to bring them to us and pick them up afterwards, we will be happy to bring them in for spay/neuter with our appointments. If this is something you are willing to do, check out our "Learn to Trap" page HERE.
If you live outside of Orleans Parish, here are some nearby animal control agencies that you can call or contact:
Jefferson Parish:
Jefferson Parish offers low-cost and free spay/neuter of cats for Jefferson Parish residents through the Fix a Feral and Fix a Feline program. Visit to learn more.
Fill out a Jefferson Parish trapping request HERE.
Join JP Community Cats Facebook page to find trappers in your area.
Jefferson Parish Animal Control: West Bank (504) 349-5111 / East Bank (504) 736-6111
Kenner Animal Control: (504) 468-7503
St. Tammany Parish:
Dirty Paws TNR and Rescue- Amanda Price: 985-377-4758,
North Shore Humane Society offers by-appointment TNR services. Get more info at:
Big Sky Ranch in Folsom, LA offers educational and adoption events, as well as TNR and low cost spay/neuter.
St. Tammany Parish Animal Control – (985) 809-0183
Plaquemines Parish:
Visit the Plaquemines Louisiana SPCA Campus here: 

Plaquemines Parish Animal Control – (504) 392-1601

St. Bernard Parish:

St. Bernard Parish Animal Control – (504) 278-1534

What to do if you find kittens outside...
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